Jean Guillou (1930-2019) - un hommage hollandais

Jean Guillou (1930-2019), composer, organist, pianist

Jean Guillou was one of the most influential French organists of the post-Dupré period. Much has been written about his versatility. A striking common thread in Jean Guillou’s life was his relationship with Dutch organ culture and vice versa.

Herman van Vliet has been committed to French organ culture all his life and studied with Jean Guillou. A collaboration arose between them that was decisive for both Guillou himself and Herman van Vliet and his label Festivo.

On this site you can discover the fruits of their collaboration that lasted from 1978-1983: Jean Guillou’s concert tours in the Netherlands that amazed everyone and the Festivo publications that Herman van Vliet and his wife arranged for Guillou. These produtions enjoyed international acclaim and won prizes, such as the Grand Prix of the Liszt Academy in Budapest.

On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of Jean Guillou’s death, all Guillou editions of Festivo are made available online as a tribute. In addition, on this site you will find information from Herman van Vliet’s archive about Jean Guillou, such as program booklets, reviews, columns, photos and more.

Three Dutch organists, Bert den Hertog, Jos van der Kooy and Dirk Jan Versluis, have written a contribution especially for this occasion. You will find this under the ‘Organists about Guillou’ tab.